Be Original It is perfectly okay to share a great view or presentation with a friend or to send it to others in your class, school, or district. But it is not okay to download a view or presentation and rename it as your own. That is plagiarism (a legal word for stealing).

Feel free, however, to be inspired by the work of others. Go ahead and take a kernel of someone else's idea and turn it into something new, cool, and totally your own.

Nothing Personal You may be really proud of that map your second grade class made that shows where they live, but do not share it with the cyber-world. Do not publish personal information in the StrataLogica Community that could be used to identify or track adults or students.

Give Them Credit If you want to embed a video, photo, or music from someone else in a placemark pop-up, you need to give that person credit. In the description space on the placemark, add a short note crediting the person and the site you downloaded it from. Before you embed anything, read its copyright restrictions or license.

Keep It Acceptable Look again at what you want to send or share. Would you want a teacher, little sister, or grandmother to see it? The StrataLogica Community is not the place for profanity or suggestive photos or videos. Inappropriate views and presentations will be removed from the site.

Be Nice There is no room in The StrataLogica Community for adding any bullying or insulting content in views or presentations. The same goes for comments about someone else's work. Save the comment box for words of encouragement or constructive suggestions to make the content better.

No Sale Views and presentations created on StrataLogica cannot be sold - no matter what. If you are unclear about this statement, read the Terms of Use again.